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What to see in Palermo Sicily: The Cathedral

Palermo Cathedral is located in a place considered sacred by most of the civilizations that inhabited Palermo. Vandal invasions, for example, have destroyed temples originally located on the site. During the Arab domination was the seat of the great mosque on Friday and during the Norman domination reconstructed by order of William II; bell towers and porticos from the 13th & 14th  century, and an 18th century neoclassical interior design are some of its characteristics. It is one of the most visited monuments by tourists, especially when they explore the city on foot. Final goal of the vast majority of walking tour in Palermo and of all the tours that have as their stage the capital of Sicily, the beautiful Palermo.

After several centuries of modifications, today Palermo Cathedral has a plan in the shape of a latin cross, with three naves separated by columns. The cathedral houses a large number of works inside, for example two marble holy water fonts attributed to Domenico Gagini, Giuseppe Spatafora and Antonio Ferraro. It has two chapels: the Sacrament Chapel and the Santa Rosalia (holy protector of the city, designed in 1663). The remains of the Saint of the city are preserved in a Silver Urn.

The exterior of the Palermo Cathedral is surrounded by a series of statues (balustrade) that separates the church from the sidewalk; created in 1575 by Vincent Gagini.

The portico is made in a style called Gothic-Catalan dating from the year 1429. The first column of the portico, originally belonging to the preceding mosque, still preserves an inscription from the Koran. On the east side we can appreciate the apses, one of the few original parts of the Norman church that is characterized by its geometric, floral and animal motifs, known as style fatimite.

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