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About Us

When you set out on your way to a new destination, your expectations are high You feel ready to discover the unknown.

The right moment, or opportune time to make something happen was defined by the Greeks with a the word Kairós (καιρός).

Our mission: Help you live the local experience to keep it as part of you.

Values: accessibility, sustainability, responsibility

Kairós’ Vision: in a world where everything changes quickly, it’s time to enjoy the present,reflect on the past, and build a future.

Through genuine local experiences, we transmit the essence of our cities’ culture to integrate visitors into the local ecosystem and help them live and become part of it.

Remember, a journey is a threefold experience: dreaming it, living it, and remembering it.

Would you like to be part of the Kairós Team? Join Us!

At Kairós, passionate people are always welcome. If you are enthusiastic about tourism, good
at languages, looking to work in the tourism field, or a licensed tourist guide, feel free to
write and tell us about yourself. We’ll be happy to increase and improve our team.

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