Free Tour a pie de Palermo en Español

Palermo Free Walking Tour: 10 reasons to take a Free Tour by foot

If you want to know what to do in Palermo, what to visit and where to eat, these are the ten reasons why you should take a Free Walking Tour with us in the Capital of Sicily


👉 Discover the history and culture of the local area in an entertaining manner..

👉 Discover the must-see sights, the best things to do and the most convenient ways to explore the city

👉 Get to know the city from the perspective of a highly qualified local guide

👉 Learn interesting and curious facts that you would not find on the internet easily

👉 Know the coolest places to eat and drink in Palermo and have fun at night

👉 Discover the less crowded spots and more authentic sites and activities in Palermo

👉 Have the opportunity to ask questions and get suggestions from a local guide

👉 Learn the history and architecture of monuments and significant buildings

👉 Walking tours have a low environmental impact and have a positive impact on the local community since the interaction with locals is immediate

👉It is free to make a reservation for the walking tour. You compensate the guide at the end of the tour to support his work

Two walking tours are available with free reservations: the Classic Free tour of Palermo which provides an overview of the main sights and what to do in town as soon as you get to the city.

By taking our Alternative Free Tour of Palermo, you will complete your vision of the city.

It will be fascinating to discover how Palermo’s history and the reality of the city are intertwined.

What are you waiting for? Join us and do the best Free Tour of the city by Kairos Sicily