Foto kathedrale von palermo sizilien

Suppose you are only a few hours in Palermo, it is time to start touring it and discover the points that you cannot miss. 

👉 Teatro Massimo: 

Built towards the end of the 19th century, it is the largest lyric opera theater in Italy. It consists of visits available every hour in different languages. Get to know it inside and learn all its history. 


👉  Quattro Canti: 

It is the center of the historic center of the city. Intersection between probably the oldest road in the city, Corso Vittorio Emanuele (known to the people of Palermo as Kassaro) and the road that will lead you from the Teatro Massimo, Via Maqueda. We have written an article about the Quattro canti that you can find here


👉  Piazza Pretoria: 

Better known as the Square of Shame (Piazza della Vergogna), an expression of Renaissance art imported from Florence directly to the city of Palermo. It is as beautiful as it is controversial. You can take a Free Walking Tour of the city with us and you will know why!


 👉 Piazza Bellini: 

Home to two of the most beautiful churches you can photograph in Palermo: the Chiesa di Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio and the Chiesa di San Cataldo. Legacy of a medieval Palermo that knew how to shine centuries ago and that still fascinates whoever visits it. 


👉  Palermo Cathedral:

Arab-Norman monument par excellence of the city. Beautiful on the outside and little decorated on the inside, it is one of the most visited monuments by tourists who visit Sicily at any time of the year. An obligatory stop on any walking tour of the city, it cannot be missing from your itinerary. 

Discover the best monuments of the capital of Sicily and much more with our Palermo Free Walking Tour available every day in English, Spanish or Italian. Looking forward to seeing you!