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Quattro Canti, officially known as Piazza Vigliena, is a Baroque square considered the center of the historic quarters of the city. The site is the intersection of two major streets in Palermo, the Via Maqueda and the Corso Vittorio Emanuele (also known as the Cassaro).

It subdivides the ancient quarters (Cantons or Canti) of Palermo: the Kalsa (SE); Seralcadi (SW); Albergaria (NW); and Castellammare (NE).

The center of each side of the Quattro Canti is marked by a fountain with a statue representing one of the four seasons or one of the Spanish kings who ruled Sicily: Philip II, Philip III, Philip IV and Charles V.

Quattro canti was design by Giulio Lasso and Mariano Smiriglio.

The name “Quattro Canti” actually only dates back to 1858; before that, the square was simply known as “Piazza Vigliena.” The original name came from the Spanish viceroy Don Juan Fernández Pacheco of Vigliena and Ascalon, Duke of Escalona).


The Quattro Canti is a great starting point for exploring Palermo. From here, you can easily walk to some of the city’s most important sights, like the Palazzo Reale and the Cattedrale di Palermo. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Palermo today with us! Take a free walking tour of Palermo the first day