Tour Palatine Chapel & Royal Palace

When: Every week
Where: Norman Palace
Language: English/Spanish/Italian

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Duration: 2 hours
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Immerse yourself in the heart of Palermo with a guided tour of the Norman Palace, one of the most magnificent royal palaces in Europe, a symbol of Sicily’s rich history. Stroll through the imposing decorated halls that whisper stories of rulers and warriors, breathing in the ambiance of the past.

Don’t miss the Palatine Chapel, an authentic treasure of Byzantine, Norman, and Islamic art. It’s like stepping into another world: under a golden sky of mosaics, you will discover biblical and regal scenes unfolding in intricate details. Each detail tells a piece of the rich Sicilian history.

During the tour, the expert guide will unveil the secrets hidden behind each fresco, every architectural detail, and every room, making your experience unique and unforgettable. It’s not just a journey through time, it’s an encounter with the roots of an eclectic and fascinating culture.

Come discover Sicily in all its historical and artistic grandeur at the Norman Palace and Palatine Chapel. We await you for an unparalleled cultural experience!


  • Palatine Chapel and Norman Palace
  • Cathedral of Palermo

Include: Official tour guide in English


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